What comes to mind when you hear Modular Buildings?

Many who hear modular building immediately think trailer or mobile home.

Ugly Mobile home

When in fact, “Modular buildings” can mean so much more.  Today, there are many uses for modular space.  Examples of these would include:  Modular Classrooms, Office Space, Construction Trailers, Temporary Shelters, Military Barracks, Health Care Facilities, and that’s just to name a few.

Many view trailer buildings in a negative light, seeing as how the buildings are normally meant to be temporary and built with lower quality materials.  It is that view that can overshadow the public’s perception of “modular buildings“.

Quality two story Modular Building by Icon Construction

Two Story Modular Building by Icon Construction

In today’s day and age the technology and methods have advanced by leaps and bounds.  Giving the customer the ability to custom design a building that will meet their specific needs is the way of the modular world today.  We are beginning to see more and more modular buildings going up all over the place.  A majority of the buildings you see, you would assume are commercial built buildings because of their exterior appearance.  Building Modular does not always mean you will see a “trailer” type exterior.  With all of the modern advancements today, the exteriors can be made with several types of materials.  So the next time you pass that new church, school, or office and think to yourself “Wow that went up fast”, it is most likely a modular building.


About Icon Construction

Icon Construction Inc. is an industry leader in modular building design and construction supplying customized, factory direct modular solutions. As a full-service contractor, Icon Construction provides customers a design build to custom specifications with a "Turn Key" product.
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