Foundation Types for Modular Buildings

There are a few types of foundations to choose from when it comes to placing modular buildings.  Choosing a foundation can depend on a few different things.  Do you plan to relocate the building?  Will the placement be short-term or temporary?  Or will it be there for an extended amount of time or even permanently?

For those who plan on a short-term lease or even relocating their building, often steel beams, treated wood, concrete precast or CMU pads will be utilized.  These are considered to be portable foundation systems because they are made for any type of soil conditions and can be re-leveled if conditions shift or change.

Stemwall Foundations are concrete or reinforced blocks normally used when a modular building will be placed for an extended amount of time.  This type of foundation requires soil testing to be done for compaction.  The floor and soil need to be durable.

Concrete Slabs are preferred by many clients because of their durability and similarities to traditional site construction.  In this case a  4″ to 6″ slab is poured in preparation for the placement of the modular building.  Once the building is placed it is then welded into place and will meet or exceed all local and state building codes for permanent construction.


About Icon Construction

Icon Construction Inc. is an industry leader in modular building design and construction supplying customized, factory direct modular solutions. As a full-service contractor, Icon Construction provides customers a design build to custom specifications with a "Turn Key" product.
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