EPDM Roofing

EPDM – Traditionally, single-ply roofing is one-size does it all.  yet more and more modular manufacturers and dealers are reaping the benefits of Mule-Hide Professional Roofing Systems, custom sized to fit modular structures

Black EPDM .045 (Non-Reinforced) – Custom cuts or Master rolls with modular industry sheet sizes up to 18×305 ft. The most economical single-ply membrane.  Excellent for fully adhered systems when using Water Base Bonding. Adhesive – fast installation keeps lines moving.

BLACK EPDM .060 (Non-Reinforced) – Custom cuts or Master rolls with modular industry sheet sizes up to 17×255 ft. Ideal for fully adhered systems.

White-on-Black EPDM .045 – Reflects the sunlight & cools the building interior – leading to lower BTU usage and energy costs. Custom cuts or Master rolls with modular industry sheet sizes up to 17×305 ft. Fully adhered application is required.

System Benefits

Easy to Install & Retrofit – EPDM Roofing Systems install quickly and economically.  UL & FM listed assemblies are available upon request.  Non-penetrating mate-line & bridging system keeps dealer multi-unit leased fleets fit.

Fast Roofs

The EPDM membrane is fully adhered with Water Base Bonding Adhesive, a must for in-plant installation.  It’s single-side, wet application requires fewer workers and offers easier sheet positioning.  All the accessories you need to complete roof details around edges and penetrations are also stocked locally for delivery along with your EPDM.


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a high tensile strength, single-ply membrane ideal for long-term watertight integrity.  EPDM is lightweight, making it ideal for new construction and retrofit installations without adding excessive weight to the roof deck.  Meets or exceeds ASTM standards.

Quiet Protection

Eliminates “roof rumble” while it protects against leaks.  Our insulated roofing system rids modular structures from the noise made by rain and hail or when wind passes over metal roofs causing vibrations.


And yet the membrane remains flexible in hot and cold temperatures so it will not split or crack.  EPDM stretches to 425%.

Long Life Cycle

It provides excellent resistance to ozone and UV and can handle the coldest winters or the desert heat.


About Icon Construction

Icon Construction Inc. is an industry leader in modular building design and construction supplying customized, factory direct modular solutions. As a full-service contractor, Icon Construction provides customers a design build to custom specifications with a "Turn Key" product.
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